Monday, October 24, 2016

{Free Webinar} Register for Planning, Online Optimizations & Troubleshooting of your Refinery FCC Unit with simulation software on Oct 28 @ 11 Eastern

Within a refinery, the fluidized catalytic cracker (FCC) unit is an important conversion process for refining crude oil. A FCC converts the high boiling, high molecular weight portions of a crude into valuable products such as high-octane gasoline and fuel oils. Operational efficiency is extremely important given today’s economic climate. Therefore, it is imperative that you are able to adequately plan and optimize process which typically requires offline studies and troubleshooting.


Discover how Schneider Electric Software customers are utilizing SimSciFCC Reactor model software for planning, online optimization, offline studies & troubleshooting of refinery fluidized catalytic cracker unit.


[Free Webinar] Complying with the Cross States Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR),


With the reinstatement of the Cross States Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), many POWER generation plants are challenged with realizing NOx emissions reductions by next ozone season beginning May 2017. Join us as we discuss the expected impact of CSAPR, explain combustion optimization technology and how it impacts NOx emissions

Thursday, September 1, 2016

FREE WEBINAR: Transform refinery operations for improved profitability with RefineryWise™

SimSci Webcast
Transform refinery operations for improved profitability with RefineryWise™
Tuesday, September 20, 2016 | 11 a.m. EDT / 10 a.m. CDT | Register Now

Refineries are challenged with sustaining and improving margins, and retaining knowledge from a retiring workforce. Embarking on a journey of transformation based on Refinery Digitization is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. RefineryWise™ from Schneider Electric Industry Solutions focuses on improving refinery operations business processes and workflows. A holistic approach for the oil and gas industry, it includes performance management, technology adoption and lifecycle optimization, RefineryWise helps to improve revenue by up to 5% and lower operation costs by up to 10%. Learn how RefineryWise can be part of your business strategy to drive higher profitability.

Register now for this free, live webcast and join this esteemed group of speakers on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 11 a.m EDT /10 a.m CDT. Participants will be able to participate in a live question and answer session.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Announcing the release of DYNSIM 5.3.1

DYNSIM™ 5.3.1 – is now available on the Global Customer Support site

What is it?

DYNSIM™ provides rigorous process simulation platform from simulation and training offerings from SimSci. DYNSIM is a rigorous, first-principle dynamic simulator that predicts the time dependent behavior of industrial processes. A well designed DYNSIM model accurately depicts the same hydraulic, heat transfer and other equipment constraints as the actual plant.

Why is this important?

DYNSIM™ provides a single scalable application that helps:

· Lower capital costs and improve plant design—getting it right the first time

· Design checkout control systems for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESDs) and Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), thus providing shorter commissioning time and increased availability

· Train and certify control room and field operators in a safe environment

Simply stated, DYNSIM enables clients to rise above the dynamic challenges of designing, commissioning, controlling, and operating a process plant safely, reliably and profitably.

What is new?

DYNSIM™ 5.3.1 offers:

· Added infrastructure support for Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Java RTE 1.8, Microsoft Excel 2013, and Flexera 11.13 licensing

· Password-protect flowsheets to prevent access to sensitive (IP) information or user-added models

· A new 3-way valve model which improves data entry and can be used directly in operator training

· New functionality which expands the simulation of tower pressurization and flooding

· Enhancements to DYNSIM Power Steam turbine library, reactions in M3Header and M3Drum models, and Mixer/Splitter input

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Critical Update for PRO/II - Announcing the release of PRO/II 9.3.4

Critical PRO/II Update: Recently a user found a defect in PRO/II where the program re-formatted the user's external drive when a specific set of steps were performed. While determining the root cause, we discovered that this defect dates back to versions 8.x, so it is imperative that you upgrade to PRO/II 9.3.4 to eliminate the occurrence of this remote possibility. Please contact your local technical support office if you have any questions.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Update to SimSci Licensing Options

Dear SimSci Software User,

This post provides an update on the licensing and security options from Flexera Software, who produces the security software that SimSci software products use for LAN, WAN, and Token Licensing. While Flexera Software FLExNetPublisher (FNP) 11.8 is currently widely used among SimSci customers, it has reached the end of limited lifecycle support. In an effort to support our customers, SimSci now supports the latest version of FlexNetPublisher, 11.13.

The SimSci team is implementing the following plan:
  • Existing FNP 11.8 security licenses will be upgraded the next time they are renewed to FNP 11.13 or the most recent version. However, we do recommend that you upgrade at your earliest opportunity to avoid any potential problems.
  • Older FLEXlm licenses will continue to work, however, if they stop working before the renewal period, they must be upgraded to FLEXlm 11.13 or latest.
  • Future installations of SimSci software will allow FNP 11.13, FNP 11.12, FNP 11.11 and respective TOKEN versions, and USB security options.
  • You can download the most recent server software installation and retrofit package to upgrade all your SimSci software from the Global Cutomer Support (GCS) site.
  • Customers migrating to Windows 10 must upgrade to FNP 11.13 immediately as previous versions of the server do not install in Windows 10.
We appreciate your patience through the migration and will do our best to minimize the impact on your use of our products. Please contact technical support if there are any problems.


The SimSci Team

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How does SimSci Software achieve Operational Excellence in O&G?

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