Friday, August 31, 2012

Distinguish two points in different engines in DYNSIM

Guest Blogger: Kalpana Garigipati, Senior Consultant -EECOTS, Invensys Operations Management

Here is a tip to distinguish two points in different engines.

If you have same point reference name in two different engines (though not possible in two DYNSIM engines, can be possible with DYNSIM-TRISIM combination)

For example: In DYNSIM engine DYNSIM01, point name is C1C_TRIP                               

In TRISIM eninge TRISIM01, point name is also C1C_TRIP,

If you type C1C_TRIP in monitor window, whether this point shows DYNSIM or TRISIM value?

To make sure the point reference name in monitor window belongs to particular engine, use ENGINENAME#POINTNAME

For the example above, In monitor window, type

DYNSIM01#C1C_TRIP for DYNSIM point value and

TRISIM01#C1C_TRIP for TRISIM point value.