Friday, August 24, 2012

University Partner Program at Invensys

I think that promoting the software tools that professionals use in the workplace among the colleges and universities that are teaching our future workforce is important. In order to be successful professionals, students should prepare in school on the same tools that they will be using as professionals. A lot of companies do a great job of promoting their professional tools within academic instiuitions, and Invensys Operations Management is no exception. The SimSci-Esscor and Wonderware brands have the University Partner Program that aims to leverage the global academic brain trust to advance the engineering professions. Unfortunately, the program has been without a leader for sometime, and despite everyone's passion for helping academic institutions, we have fallen down on the job.

However, there is hope! We currently are looking for an Academic Program Manager at Invensys to help guide the program and extend its reach in academia. If you think you can help us in promoting our University Partner Program, please view the job description and apply here!