Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Optimization at a refinery

The declining global economy and increasing regional regulations are taking their toll on refineries. These two issues prove that there is no better time to improve performance and profitability. Invensys has developed products that find any chance of profitability anywhere in the refinery.

SimSci-Esscor’s ROMeo Online Performance Suite solution provides optimization features for the entire refinery. ROMeo Utilities Optimization optimizes the way plants supply energy from its utilities. It will significantly reduce energy cost, which is very often a refinery’s greatest expense. ROMeo Process Optimization allows for a change in operation based on current economic and process conditions. SimSci-Esscor’s ROMeo solutions are used by some of the world’s leading refineries including Exxon Mobil, Shell, and BASF. Invensys Yield Accounting Solution provides refineries with more accurate data and more reliable tracking. In doing this, it provides less room for error which also optimizes performance. Planning & Off-sites Integration with ROMeo is another Invensys optimization solution. Integrating ROMeo with planning LP technology and off-sites management applications allows for much less manual work.

Join the world’s leading refineries and start optimizing performance in your workplace by choosing Invensys optimization solutions.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Refinery Wide Optimization: Breaking through Heavy Oil Barriers

Refinery Wide Optimization: Breaking through Heavy Oil Barriers

The first webinar on Heavy oils is coming up in a few weeks (November 6th), check out the webinar schedule and register today!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Available webinar recordings: 10 Most Common Simulation Pitfalls

Did you miss the webinar?
Do you want to share that recording with a colleague who should have joined?

Well, the recordings are now available!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Heading out on vacation...

I am heading out on vacation in a few hours.....

I have scheduled a few posts for next week to keep the content fresh, but there will be a delay in my responses until I return to work on November 5th.

Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spiral Users' Meeting 2012 - Grand Hyatt Berlin, Germany

Spiral Users' Meeting 2012

Grand Hyatt Berlin, Germany
Wednesday 31st October to Friday 2nd November 2012

Will you be attending the Spiral's User's Meeting in Berlin? Spiral Software is the newest acquisition of Invensys Operations Management.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reporting component rates in PRO/II

Feature Highlight 34: Reporting component rates in PRO/II

1.       Run and converge the simulation

2.       Go to Tools > Spreadsheet > Component rates

3.       PRO/II will generate an excel spreadsheet with flowrates of all components in each stream

Monday, October 22, 2012

Operator Training

                Refineries are being forced to rely on inexperienced operators due to the aging workforce.  Undertrained employees reduce performance and profitability in a refinery and may also risk the safety of other employees.  The aging workforce is moving closer to the age of retirement, making it imperative to train younger, less experienced employees.  Invensys offers solutions that aid refineries in educating inexperienced operators, who will soon be relied upon to operate the refinery.
                Invensys offers a computer-based training method, Operator Training Simulators (OTS), to help give operators the skills they need to run a refinery.  Operators learn the ins and outs of a refinery in this virtual control room.  DYNSIM is a model that controls the plant response.  Trainees learn how to react appropriately when a similar situation occurs in the actual plant.  SimSci-Esscor’s immersive training system, EYESIM, is a technology breakthrough in training.  The EYESIM solution connects all refinery operators by a high-fidelity process simulation and virtual walkthrough plant environment.  The virtual plant feature will significantly improve maintenance activities by offering direct feedback once a trainee completes an action.  This will provide the knowledge necessary to act appropriately in any given situation.

There will be a free webinar on December 4th - register today.

Free webinar: Using New Modeling Technology to

Using New Modeling Technology to Help Solve Heavy Oil Processing Issues
Why attend:
  • Learn about recent developments for
  • dealing with heavy oils
  • Learn how to effectively model heavier
  • feedstocks to avoid common problems
  • Learn how other refineries are dealing
  • with heavier feedstocks
Ample time will be made available for Q&A so you can discuss your situation with a leading expert in heavy oils.
Who should attend:
Plant Managers, Process Engineers, Engineering Managers, Process Design Engineers

Most of today’s refineries were designed to process lighter crudes. Similarly, the conventional process simulation software they use to model the process was developed using methodologies geared toward lighter crudes. However, refiners are currently being asked to process increasingly heavy feedstocks. Heavier crudes present operational issues that reduce performance and profitability, increase safety risks, and require either the design of new equipment or major changes in operating conditions to process them in a safe, profitable manner.

Learn more about the excellent speakers and register here

Friday, October 19, 2012

Please join us in Abu Dhabi in November for a user forum

Please join us for two days of rich content and information plus networking with peers and Invensys experts in Abu Dhabi on November 13 and 14. The forum is an excellent opportunity to learn about the future of Operation and Business Management Solutions that you use and can use to enhance the bottom line of your company. It's a very exciting time, with new product
releases, new applications, and of course, brand new product offerings. Come find out what we have to offer now and in the near future. Find out more info here

Also - tell us you are coming in our LinkedIn Event


Milan Melia Hotel, 29th November 2012
Will you be attending? I will be there. I loved Milan on my first visit and am looking forward to my second trip in November.

The agenda is up on the event website.

Register today at the event website!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winner of the XBOX from the Houston User Meeting...

David Wedlake of Foster Wheeler won the XBOX raffle at the Houston User meeting. Thank you to all that entered the raffle.

Congratulations David - you will be receiving your XBOX shortly.

How are you dealing with heavier feedstock?

                Today’s refineries were originally designed for lighter crudes.  Since there is an ever-increasing demand for oil and the amount of heavy oils on Earth is greater than twice the supply of lighter crudes, refineries are being forced to utilize them.  Heavy oils have a very high viscosity compared to lighter crudes, which means that they have a greater resistance to motion.  Conventional refineries find great difficulty in processing these “molasses-like” substances.  Processing the crude incorrectly leads to operational errors, like equipment failure and process downtime, which can risk operator safety.  It is imperative that existing methods be altered so refiners can accurately process the crudes.
                Invensys Operations Management has developed its SimSci-Esscor product to more accurately model heavier oils so refiners can adapt their processes.  Refiners may then design new equipment or processes or adjust operating conditions based on the characterization of the feedstock.  SIM4ME Thermo makes the heavy oils technology easy to use in all Invensys products.  Invensys’ solutions for processing heavy feedstock are far more accurate and advanced than other products currently on the market.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Invensys Strengthens Refinery-Wide Optimization Solutions

News Release

Feature Highlight 33: Utilizing PIPEPHASE through PRO/II

Set up a PRO/II simulation model

Place a PIPEPHASE unit-op on the Flowsheet and connect it with inlet and outlet streams, as shown below. A PIPEPHASE unit-op can be found on the Misellaneous tab of PRO/II icon palette.

Double click on the PIPEPHASE unit-op and fill in the required data

  • PIPEPHASE version – this can be left as default or select a particular version
  • Initialize the unit-op with an existing PIPEPHASE simulation (it is required to have a preconfigured and converged PIPEPHASE model in place)
  • Map PRO/II components with that of PIPEPHASE model by select Name or Index from Component mapping menu (it should be ascertained that selected components in PRO/II and PIPEPHASE are identical)
  • Connect the appropriate PRO/II stream with a source and sink on PIPEPHASE from Stream 
  • Check Define data link specification and provide the data link specification which in this is case is Total liquid volume rate
  • Click OK and come out of PRO/II – PIPEPHASE data entry window

Make sure that PIPEPHASE is not running while setting up the PIPEPHASE unit-op in PRO/II or running the PRO/II model

More on the Spiral Software acquisition

Yesterday I posted on the acquisition of Spiral Software discussing the acquisition and the main reason for the acquisition. Today I want to highlight some of their offerings including: Spiral Suite, CrudeSuite, CrudeSuite internet, Assay Libraries, and CrudeManager

Monday, October 15, 2012

Exciting day in Houston for SimSci-Esscor

  • We have 60 SimSci-Esscor customers in attendance, some all the way from Japan and Korea

  • Peter Reynolds of the ARC presented "Trends, Directions and Drivers for Tomorrow’s Process Plant"

  • Nate Shea-han of Microsoft presented "Virtualization as a Stepping Stone  to the Cloud"

  • After that, a day of presentations from Invensys and customers followed
If you didn't attend, you are missing out. I am about to head up to the customer appreciation event!


Invensys Operations Management Acquires Spiral Software

Invensys Operations Management, a global provider of technology systems, software solutions and consulting services to the manufacturing and infrastructure operations industries, today announced that it has acquired Spiral Software, a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, the United Kingdom to extend their refinery-wide optimization offerings with new planning, scheduling and crude management software.

Looking forward to the keynotes today

Peter Reynolds of the ARC will be presenting on - Trends, Directions and Drivers for Tomorrow’s Process Plants

Nate Shea-han of Microsoft will be presenting on - Virtualization as a Stepping Stone  to the Cloud

Should make for interesting topics.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

See you in Houston

I arrive in Houston tomorrow for the SimSci-Esscor user meeting. I hope to see you all there.

Safe travels.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

View the webinar recording: Training Refinery Operators of the Future

View the webinar recording from last week "Training Refinery Operators of the Future"
- it was very informative: SimSci-Esscor Operator Training Simulations

Refinery Wide Optimization Videos

Refinery Wide Optimization Videos

What do you think of these two videos? I think they are creative yet informative- but I welcome your feedback.

We will have a few more in the coming weeks!

Please join us in Abu Dhabi in November for a user forum

Please join us for two days of rich content and information plus networking with peers and Invensys experts in Abu Dhabi on November 13 and 14. The forum is an excellent opportunity to learn about the future of Operation and Business Management Solutions that you use and can use to enhance the bottom line of your company. It's a very exciting time, with new product
releases, new applications, and of course, brand new product offerings. Come find out what we have to offer now and in the near future. Find out more info here

Also - tell us you are coming in our LinkedIn Event

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Milan Melia Hotel, 29th November 2012
Will you be attending? I will be there. Register today at the event website!

What is standing in the way at your refinery?

Need to breakthrough to better refinery performance - we can help!
What do you need help with - let me know!

2012 North America SimSci-Esscor User Group & Tech Support Symposium

2012 North America SimSci-Esscor User Group & Tech Support Symposium

Will you be attending? We are looking forward to a great event in Houston next week.

Keynotes from ARC and Microsoft!

Customer presentations from ExxonMobil, Shell, TOYO, Chart Indstries, and many others!

Check the website for the full agenda!

Join your peers at the NA SimSci-Esscor User Group Meeting --- register today!

Invensys Yield Accounting Solution

Operating companies require reconciled material balance information to make operating decisions and to measure performance and profitability. This is problematic because a material balance on a refinery requires numerous measurements along with the reconciliation of those plant measurements since small inaccuracies propagated throughout a data reporting system can lead to large year-end reportable monetary losses for the company. The Invensys integrated and bundled yield accounting solution is unique in the market and results in:
  • Increased accuracy and reliability of plant data corrects inaccuracies and reduces or eliminates losses
  • Consistent, reliable data for performance measures (KPIs)
  • Improved instrument maintenance efficiency
  • Better feedstock data for process yield simulators and tracking

Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Blogger wanted -

Do you want to share your knowledge of simulation software?

Do you have an idea of how to apply simulation software?

Do you simply know some tips and tricks for our software?

If you are interested in writing for this blog, please reach out to me at - I am always looking for content.

SimSci-Esscor LinkedIn Groups - Join the conversations!

SimSci-Esscor LinkedIn Groups

Join the discussions in these LinkedIn Groups!





Sub-optimal Operating Conditions

The global economy and regional regulations are placing greater economic pressures on refiners in the form of increased pricing pressure that affect profitability and require enhanced performance to allow the plant to remain profitable. Additionally, regulatory compliance and adherence to increasing stringent safety standards can adversely affect a refinery’s bottom line. Decreased margin from increased competition is forcing refiners to evaluate means to run more profitably. Refineries have been implementing profit generating activities for years, but the key is implementation and sustainability of a full-scale optimization program.

Friday, October 5, 2012

How are you dealing with inexperienced operators?

Refineries run the risk of not operating plants safely and profitably due to the aging workforce and young, inexperienced operators. As refineries increasingly rely on inexperienced operators, their safety risk increases.  Therefore, it is imperative that refineries take an active role in enabling operators to improve their skills, capabilities and performance through training and a variety of other tools that will help mold their behavior to quickly and correctly respond to plant disturbances and thereby ensure that every situation is adequately dealt with.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heavy Feedstock

Existing refineries were designed to use lighter crudes.  Increasingly heavy feedstock forces refiners to deal with operational issues that reduce performance and profitability, increase safety risks, and require new equipment to be designed or a change in operating conditions to effectively process these heavy crudes in a safe and profitable manner.  In order to process heavy crudes effectively, refiners need to know exactly how to characterize the crude, which is where SimSci-Esscor’s propriety technology for heavy oils becomes important.
SimSci-Esscor provides innovative and technologically superior Heavy Oils modeling methods that more accurately model heavier feedstock so that refiners can adapt their processes accordingly – whether by designing new equipment or processes, or altering current operating conditions.  Ranging from liquid viscosity prediction and liquid thermal conductivity to contaminant solubility prediction, these proprietary methods exceed the accuracy of any other methods currently on the market. This proprietary heavy oils technology is built into SIM4ME Thermo which allows the heavy oils methods to be used in all of our products – making it easy to use the technology in various parts of the plant lifecycle.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DOE AVESTAR Center Deploys 3-D Virtual Training System

Successful Site Acceptance Testing Allows NETL to Improve Coal-Fired Power Plants

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Energy’s AVESTAR™ Center has taken a major step forward with the successful deployment and site acceptance testing of a new 3-D virtual immersive training system for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants with carbon capture. The training center, launched in 2011, continues to build its portfolio of dynamic simulators, virtual plant technologies, and advanced research capabilities to satisfy industry’s growing need for training and experience in the operation and control of high-efficiency, near-zero-emissions energy plants.

Read more here

SimSci-Esscor Overview

Refineries are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in today’s global economy, whether it is due to increasingly heavy feedstock, inexperienced operators, or sub-optimal operating conditions. SimSci-Esscor understands these difficulties, and offers solutions to address each problem. Customers may then determine which offered solutions best fit their situation.
Invensys Operations Management provides a unique and innovative set of software, services and solutions aimed at addressing emerging industry needs and operational issues, and are designed to drive optimal performance within a refinery.  The solutions for refinery-wide modeling are comprehensive and complete, backed by an expert global delivery services organization
If you are one of the few refining companies not using SimSci-Esscor products, now is the time to optimize your company’s refinery performance.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Free webcast tomorrow: Register now for Training Refinery Operators of the Future

Refinery Wide Optimization Webinar Series

Spend an hour with us to learn more about our specific solutions. We also record the webinar so that you can watch it later if the times don’t work for you to listen live.

Sign-up and learn how SimSci-Esscor is Training Refinery Operators of the Future.

For North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East there is one on October 2nd.
For Asia there is one on Wednesday morning, October 3rd.

Register today!

SimSci-Esscor Operator Training Simulations - Free Webinar

Don't gorget to register for our free webinar tomorrow: Training Refinery Operators of the Future

SimSci-Esscor Operator Training Simulations