Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heavy Feedstock

Existing refineries were designed to use lighter crudes.  Increasingly heavy feedstock forces refiners to deal with operational issues that reduce performance and profitability, increase safety risks, and require new equipment to be designed or a change in operating conditions to effectively process these heavy crudes in a safe and profitable manner.  In order to process heavy crudes effectively, refiners need to know exactly how to characterize the crude, which is where SimSci-Esscor’s propriety technology for heavy oils becomes important.
SimSci-Esscor provides innovative and technologically superior Heavy Oils modeling methods that more accurately model heavier feedstock so that refiners can adapt their processes accordingly – whether by designing new equipment or processes, or altering current operating conditions.  Ranging from liquid viscosity prediction and liquid thermal conductivity to contaminant solubility prediction, these proprietary methods exceed the accuracy of any other methods currently on the market. This proprietary heavy oils technology is built into SIM4ME Thermo which allows the heavy oils methods to be used in all of our products – making it easy to use the technology in various parts of the plant lifecycle.