Friday, October 5, 2012

How are you dealing with inexperienced operators?

Refineries run the risk of not operating plants safely and profitably due to the aging workforce and young, inexperienced operators. As refineries increasingly rely on inexperienced operators, their safety risk increases.  Therefore, it is imperative that refineries take an active role in enabling operators to improve their skills, capabilities and performance through training and a variety of other tools that will help mold their behavior to quickly and correctly respond to plant disturbances and thereby ensure that every situation is adequately dealt with.

Invensys provides a comprehensive set of solutions to enable operators to run the plant safely and profitably.
Under SimSci-Esscor, Operator Training Simulators (OTS) allow operators to train on a computer in an identical environment to the control room. The DYNSIM model that controls the plant response behaves in the same manner as the actual plant, which provides trainees with an accurate means to train and develop experience so that when they do work with the real plant they can react appropriately.  A complimentary training solution, EYESIM, takes an OTS to the next level, by providing a virtual environment based on the actual plant that allows the field operators and maintenance personnel to train in a virtual reality environment to further gain valuable experience in a lifelike environment.

Did you get a chance to check out the free webinar this past Tuesday?
fI not, there will be another one in December - It was really interesting.

What are you doing to make sure your operators are trained appropriately? Please let me know.