Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More on the Spiral Software acquisition

Yesterday I posted on the acquisition of Spiral Software discussing the acquisition and the main reason for the acquisition. Today I want to highlight some of their offerings including: Spiral Suite, CrudeSuite, CrudeSuite internet, Assay Libraries, and CrudeManager

Spiral Suite   

Spiral Suite is the only industry planning and scheduling solution designed from the ground up as an integrated solution. It fully supports all supply chain work processes across large and small enterprises, bringing together feedstock data management, planning, scheduling and envelope optimization activities in a single, fully-integrated toolset.

The CrudeSuite tools are designed for use in medium to large size companies, with users across many sites wanting to share and exchange information.

CrudeSuite internet

CrudeSuite internet (CSi)is a powerful, industry-leading decision support tool which utilizes sophisticated innovations in statistical modeling to enable companies to rapidly evaluate, manipulate and compare crude oil data, identifying the most profitable crudes.

Assay Libraries

Spiral markets a range of assay libraries for use in conjunction with its modeling and decision support tools. Industry-leading assay libraries from Chevron and Shell containing several hundred crudes are available in a variety of packages including regional and basket format. The Spiral HPI assay library is shipped as standard with all products.

The CrudeManager tools are designed for use in small to medium size companies. They offer a wide range of functionality for crude assay management and manipulating crude oil information and are available with a variety of industry-standard crude oil assay libraries.