Thursday, January 30, 2014

Repost: Customizing Excel Report, #SimSci

User can customize the Excel report and have the required properties displayed on the Excel report by doing the following:

1.       Go to Output on the menu bar > Report Manager > New Report

From "Hydrocarbon Processing": "US mulls butanol as ethanol substitute in gasoline"

"Butanol has a few advantages. It holds 84% of the energy content of gasoline, more than ethanol’s 66%. That means drivers can travel further on a tank with butanol blended in than they would with ethanol."

To read more of the article, click here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#SimSci is 47!

From Simulation Sciences to Schneider Electric, the SimSci brand is celebrated its 47th birthday on January 20th, 2014.  Here is a brief overviews of the history of the brand courtesy of Scott Mobley

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From "Hydrocarbon Processing": “Latin America to boost refinery imports, cites lack of capacity”

"Freight traders booked tankers to send 19 million metric tons of fuels from the US to Latin America in the spot market last year, 5.4% more than in 2012. Volumes may rise again because demand is expanding and no new regional refining capacity will be added in the short term, a new report finds."

To read more of the article, click here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Energy Management Infographic - ROMeo can lower your energy costs, #SimSci, #SchneiderElectric

What can ROMeo do for your energy costs?

Invensys, including the SimSci brand of process simulation and optimization software, was recently acquired by Schneider Electric who provides Energy Management Services. Now the Schneider Electric customers can benefit from ROMeo, which can be used for utilities optimization in the process industries.

ROMeo Utilities Optimization
The SimSci ROMeo Utilities Optimization solution is being used to optimize performance in power plants across the globe. Plant energy costs are significantly diminishing with the help of this software. Plant management is always concerned about the ever-changing environmental restrictions and constraints. This software monitors and even possibly reduce emissions of CO2, SOX & NOX. With all of the benefits this solution has to offer, management can expect a typical payback in 6-12 months or less.

A Comprehensive refinery-wide simulation and optimization solution

A Comprehensive refinery-wide simulation and optimization solution

View the free on-demand webinars or videos on heavy oils.

Announcing the release of ROMeo 6.1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of patch 1 for ROMeo 6.1. This release provides several new features including integration with the Spiral CrudeSuite.

New features in ROMeo 6.1.1 include:

§   Spiral CrudeSuite Software  integration
o   Direct integration of Spiral® CrudeSuite software with ROMeo
o   Streamlined workflow to add Crude Assays from Spiral CruiteSuite into ROMeo flowsheets.
o   Scripting support to create/update Crude Assays in ROMeo from Spiral CrudeSuite.
§  New KBC REF-SIM Reactor Interfaces
o   The ROMeo software now includes a new Reformer Reactor Model interface—the KBC REF-SIM reactor based on KBC SIM Suite 4.1 SP2.
§  KBC NHTRSim Reactor Inteface
o   Support for component profile data enabled for the feed and recycle streams.
o   Option available to exclude update of the reactor stream component properties to the Component and Thermodynamic Data Manager.
§  KBC FCCSIM Reactor Model Interface
o   Enable Cyclone Velocity Output for KBC FCCSim Reactor Models
o   Inclusion of C5-detailed components MassRate Variables in KBC FCCSim Reactor Effluent product
o   Inclusion of Pressure Drop across Spent Catalyst valve variable in  KBC FCCSim Reactor Model.
§  Information Stream Enhancements
§  Penalty Unit Improvements
§  Packed Bed Columns tuning parameters
·        New LP Toolbar Button for the ROMeo-LP Update Manager in ROMeo Model Application GUI
·        New  Zoom Area Toolbar Button in the ROMeo RTS GUI.
·        ERTO HRSG Unit and Boiler Unit Enhancements
·        Expander and Steam Turbine Enhancements
·        OPSServer COM interface Enhancements

Please go to the SimSci Software Updates & Knowledge Base page to request your copy today! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

The difference between PIPEPHASE and INPLANT, #simsci

Both PIPEPHASE and INPLANT are based on the same code, but there are a few features that are specific to only one of the products:
  1.  PIPEPHASE can handle black oils, INPLANT can not
  2.  INPLANT can handle single flares, PIPEPHASE can not handle any flares
  3.  PIPEPHASE deals with heat transfer in more detail than INPLANT (e.g. PIPEPHASE takes into account radiant heat transfer while INPLANT does not).

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Millennials and OTS Compatibility, part 2 - The baby-boom echo, #simsci

Guest Blogger: Scott Mobley, Product Marketing Specialist, Invensys 

1946 – 1965
Age Range

Workforce Percentage
Age Range

Workforce Percentage
Data culled from Table 4 of (Toossi, 2012)

If we take another look at the population pyramid, (see post 1 yesterday) in the range of about 37-14 years old, a secondary bump appears, called the baby-boom echo. This is the demographic that will likely be replacing the retirees. In less than 7 years, they will already outnumber the baby-boomers in the labor force. Often referred to as Millennials or Generation Y and born sometime between the 1980s and 2000s, this generation is especially enthusiastic about technology.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Millenials and OTS Compatibility, #SimSci

Guest Blogger: Scott Mobley, Product Marketing Specialist, Invensys 

A topic that often arises when deciding whether or not to purchase an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is that of the aging workforce. How much time is there before we are affected by our retirees? How much longer do we have in the comfortable situation of having both a senior and junior operator at the helm?  The answer is less than you might think.

Source: CIA - The World Factbook

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From "": "US shale oil production to rise to 10 million bpd by 2017"

Abu Dhabi: The US Secretary of Energy has revealed projections for the production of up to 10 million barrels per day (bpd) of shale oil by the year 2017. The figure marks an increase from the current production rate of 3 million bpd.

To read more of the article, click here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

#SimSci is 47 Years Old Today

47 Years Ago Today, SimSci was founded!

Happy Birthday

From "The Australian": "Australia tipped to overtake China in shale boom"

AUSTRALIA is being touted as the place most able to replicate the shale gas and oil success of the US, overtaking China, where exploration is struggling to gain traction, and other nations that pose too much regulatory risk.

To read more of the article, click here.

Friday, January 17, 2014

From "The Wall Street Journal": "Japan Approaches LNG Futures Goal With a Pair of Moves in May"

Japan is preparing the ground for the launch of the world's first futures contract for liquefied natural gas with two moves slated for May: the establishment of a spot LNG reference price and a joint venture with a Singapore firm to start an over-the-counter market for LNG derivatives.

To read more of this article, click here.

Schneider Electric completes the acquisition of Invensys and creates a unique player in Industry Automation

It is official, Invensys was acquired by Schneider Electric today.

Here are link to the press release

I am sure that there are many questions about how this will affect the SimSci software products that you use. Honestly, I don't have all the answers today, but you can be sure that I will convey any details as soon as I get them. Meanwhile, please feel free to ask me your questions and I will do my best to get them answered as soon as possible.

I think this is a very good thing for the Invensys brands. Schneider Electric is a large company, with a history of success. I believe that SimSci software will continue to get the support going forward that it needs to service our customers.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Interface Upgrades and the Operator Training Solution, #simsci

Today's blog is a post by Scott Mobley. Scott worked for me as an intern in 2012 and not only that, he has his ChE degree. I asked him to come back to help me with content. - Joe
Guest Blogger: Scott Mobley, Product Marketing Specialist, Invensys 

If you haven’t already watched Ron Cisco’s wonderful presentation about their OTS implementation at the Coronado Generating Station, please check it out:

At 1:33 in the video above, Ron brings up a vital point about upgrade challenges. 

From HydrocarbonProcessing: "The ethane addiction: How long will the US advantage last?"

"The price advantage US petrochemical producers have gained from shale has been well documented, but the wider effect of that advantage on competition between Europe and the US demands equal attention. Here, the increasing use of ethane as a feedstock and its effects on the global petrochemical industry, both in terms of product availability and the market-specific nuances that affect the survival of its key players, are examined." read the full article here

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From "U.S. Headed For Energy Self-Sufficiency – Exxon CEO – Video"

Check out this video from ExxonMobil

We have surpassed 125,00 views on this blog! Thank you to all of my readers!

We have surpassed 125,00 views! Thank you to all of my readers!

Please let me know if there is any content that you would like to see more of.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Invensys Refinery Off-Site Solutions Speaker Series – Process optimization software solutions

Register for one of our two events:

  • Long Beach on Jan 21 »
  • Oakland on Jan 22 »

From RefinerLink: Crash Overview of U.S. PADDs and Why They’re Important

"Crash Overview of U.S. PADDs and Why They’re Important

A simple overview of the U.S. PADD system and how we can use the data to understand supply chain fundamentals and optimization." read the full post here

I knew about the PADDs, but never gave them too much thought until this interesting post. The most interesting statistic for me (full disclosure, I am on the East Coast) is: 

"Roughly 1/3 of the U.S. population is on the East Coast, but less than 1/10 of refining capacity is in that region"

That is a huge capacity deficit in my opinion. There are quite a few interesting facts in the article. I highly recommends that you read it. 

From Hydrocarbon Processing "UK engineering group Amec to buy Foster Wheeler in $3.2 billion merger"

"The transaction will boost capacity in the oil products and petrochemicals business at Amec, now mainly focused on helping companies get oil and gas out of the ground. Foster Wheeler has worldwide operations and has been working in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since the 1970s."

read the full post here

Monday, January 13, 2014

Invensys Refinery Off-Site Solutions Speaker Series – Process optimization software solutions

The Refinery Off-Site Solutions Series
Optimized Gasoline Blending —
A Standardized Approach

A presentation by featured speaker, David S. Seiver, P.E., Director of Blending APC Technology, of Valero Energy Corporation

Join us as David S. Seiver of Valero Energy Corporation explains how key projects running in optimized mode today have
generated millions of dollars in documented savings for the company.

Martin A. Turk, PhD., Invensys Director of Global HPI Industry Solutions will then explain how a 200,000 barrel per day refinery can achieve on average,
an annual savings of more than US$4 million with an integrated gasoline or gas oil blending solution.
Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Time: 4 to 7 PM (PST)

Location: Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center
Address: 701 W Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90831
Phone: (562) 983-3400

Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Time: 5 to 8 PM (PST)

Location: Waterfront Hotel
Address: 10 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: (510) 836-3800

Appetizers and beverages will be served at both venues.

Who should attend: Refinery Executives, Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Engineering Managers, Planning & Scheduling, Yield Accounting.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how refineries globally are using advanced technology to save millions.

Register for one of our two events:

  • Long Beach on Jan 21 »
  • Oakland on Jan 22 »

TechValidate Survey for process simulation design users!

The Invensys team is conducting a customer research survey, in conjunction with TechValidate, about real-world usage of SimSci simulation software for process design.

It's a quick 10-question survey. Your participation is important.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact me, Joseph McMullen, SimSci Product Marketing Manager at Invensys, at

Joseph McMullen
SimSci Product Marketing Manager

Why Participate? 

Reward Drawing
We'll enter you in a monthly drawing for a Visa debit card (or a charitable donation on your behalf). You can read the full rules here.

Anonymity Guarantee
We take your privacy seriously. All responses remain anonymous, unless you specifically say it's ok to use your name.

Provide Direct, Valuable Feedback to Invensys
Your contributions help Invensys improve its product and provide valuable insights into real-world usage for all to see.

Access to Exclusive Research
Survey respondents have access to exclusive TechValidate research about how other organizations are using Invensys SimSci.

How to Size a line in PRO/II, #SimSci

Line Sizing using PRO/II

1.       Place a Pipe unit-op on the flowsheet and attach it with inlet and outlet stream.

2.       Select the units of measure, components and thermodynamics as required.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Are you happy with your customer support? Our customers are! #SimSci, #TechValidate

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Friday, January 10, 2014

From "Platts": "LNG growth to make US net natural gas exporter by 2016: report"

"The US will become a net exporter of natural gas by the first half of 2016, largely due to the expected rapid growth of the US liquefied natural gas export industry along with a boost in Mexican pipeline capacity and a drop in domestic demand for Canadian gas, analysts with Barclays Commodities Research said in a report Thursday."

To read more of the article, click here.

SimSci Operatator Training Simulators, #SimSci #OTS

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

From "Fox Business": "U.S. Shale Boom Drives Record Oil-Related Exports"

Exports of refined products from the U.S. have risen sharply in recent years, another byproduct of the shale boom that has reshaped energy markets.

Access to lower-cost crude from shale plays like Eagle Ford in Texas and North Dakota’s Bakken have given domestic refiners a an edge over international competitors, Standard & Poor’s said in a report this week.

To read more of the article, click here.

#SimSci Products, Interesting Graphic from

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

From "Hydrocarbon Processing: "Arctic cold snap cuts US fuel supply as processing operations freeze"

"Record cold weather pummeled energy infrastructure across United States, prompting gas pipeline operators to reduce flows, fuel terminals to shut loading racks and refineries to scale back production."

To read more of the article, click here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From "Hydrocarbon Processing": "US shale boom threatened as rail explosions spark tighter oil shipping rules"

"Safety rules will probably be tightened on crude oil shipments from North Dakota following a string of railway explosions, threatening to damp an energy boom that has boosted the region’s economy.

US regulators issued a safety alert after a train carrying oil crashed and caught fire earlier this week in North Dakota, where surging production has helped lead a renaissance in domestic energy and driven the state’s unemployment rate to the nation’s lowest."

To read more of the article, click here.

From "Control Engineering": "Understanding optimizers"

"Given the number of process variables interacting at most plants, finding the optimum mix to maximize profitability is likely beyond manual capabilities.

Optimization can mean different things to different people, so for purposes of this discussion we will concentrate on applying linear programming (LP) techniques, either online or offline, to determine the minimum cost solution, and therefore highest profitability for a set of targets or setpoints to drive a process. In order for LP to evaluate process conditions, it needs a process model to help it evaluate process conditions for a potential solution. In all cases the LP and model must respect all the constraints which exist in the process, including safety-related limits such as pressure, product quality specifications, and equipment constraints such as fluid handling or metallurgical limits."

To read more of the article, click here.

About Connoisseur: Connoisseur is advanced process control (APC) software developed by Invensys to improve process profitability and control. The quality improvements that result from using Connoisseur model-based predictive control software are also met with considerable economic improvements. RBF neural nets, a key feature of this solution can be mixed with step test derived models. The standard deviation of key product parameters from target specification is significantly reduced, leading to increased throughput and significantly reduced material and/or energy consumption, providing a total payback in three to six months or less. Applications of Connoisseur include mining, power, chemicals and refining, among others.

Technical Support: As always, feel free to reach out to your local technical support team for more information.

Monday, January 6, 2014

EMEA Process Engineering Forum - February 19th - 20th, 2014

Will you be attending the EMEA Process Engineering Forum?

February 19th - 20th, 2014 

Andaz (Hyatt) Hotel in London, UK.
19 and 20 February 2014

Our networking-rich agenda includes a free pre-conference software training, plenary and breakout sessions on Engineering & Operational Excellence, presentations from industry top executives, opportunities to interact with global experts from Invensys as well as offering plenty of time for an informal discussions with your peers.

What is the W product in a VLLE flash and a VLE flash? #simsci

In the case of a VLE flash, the W product represents decanted water.  In the case of a VLLE flash, the W product represents the second liquid phase.

About PRO/IIPRO/II is the major product in the Process Engineering Suite (PES). This process simulation software optimizes plant performance by improving process design, operational analysis, and performing engineering studies. It is designed to perform rigorous heat and material balance calculations for a wide range of chemical processes. PRO/II allows users to evaluate the use of heat integration with case studies, rigorously evaluate process improvements with the help of a process flow diagram (PFD), or model crude distillation units. PRO/II offers a wide variety of thermodynamic models to virtually every industry and is incredibly cost effective, decreasing both capital and operating costs.

Technical Support: As always, feel free to reach out to your local technical support team for more information.

Friday, January 3, 2014

From "Houston Business Journal": "Year in Review: LNG exports gain steam in 2013"

"At the beginning of 2013, there was only one company that had approval to export liquefied natural gas to countries that don't have a Free Trade Agreement. By the end of the year, there were four — three of which were in Houston."

To read more of the article, click here.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

From "The Hindu": "Shale gas: ONCG to drill more wells in Cambay"

"Following the successful drilling of the country’s first shale gas exploratory well near Jambusar about 60 km from Vadodara, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has decided to drill more wells in Cambay region of Gujarat, a top company official said."

To read more of the article, click here.