Wednesday, April 23, 2014

13 years with SimSci - now by Schneider Electric

The other day as I was starting up a conference call, as I have done thousands of times before, when I had a mental block on my user ID and password. I remembered it a few seconds later, but it made me realize, I have had that same login information for almost 13 years.

The ID number is the phone number at my desk at my first office with the company. I keep saying I should change it, but at this point why bother. It made me realize that I have been with the SimSci brand for quite a while.

Since April 23, 2001 to be exact!

As I start my 14th year with the SimSci brand, I wanted to reflect a bit on my 13 years with SimSci: 

  • 1 cell phone number
  • 3 different email addresses
  • 3 brand name changes
  • 5 different offices
  • 6 different managers
  • 8 different job titles (I actually had to look at my LinkedIn profile to count this)
  • Countless organizational changes 
  • Great customers
  • A lot of great coworkers. 

Last time I counted, I have been to visit customers in over 20 countries. Not only has that exposed me to different cultures, but I have been able to meet so many of our great customers. They have shared with me such great successes that SimSci software has enabled. They have also shared problems and I have always done my best to help them through their issues. Over the rest of my career, I am sure I will meet many more, and hopefully there are more successes than problems to overcome.

That last bullet is the reason I am still here though!

I have worked with people that were here longer than me, and some that have worked here a LOT longer than me. Unfortunately, these people are going to be retiring over the next few years, and quite frankly, their absence will be a huge loss. Their coworkers, and our customers will miss them. But there are so many great people that will do their best to fill their shoes, as impossible as that seems right now.

I have seen many people come and go, and many come back again when the grass wasn't greener elsewhere. (You know who you are!) 

I have watched many people come and grow into a greater role or make themselves so indispensable in their current roles that I couldn't imagine not being able to work with them.

And as always, there are the co-workers (Finance, HR, Admins) that the customers will never meet and may never know about that make this whole brand work by enabling us customer-facing people to do their jobs.

As I am ushered into a new chapter with Schneider Electric, I am excited to see what the next 13 years brings.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions on SimSci, technical or not. If I can't answer your question directly, I promise that I will find the right person for you to answer your question. You can reach me at

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