Monday, April 21, 2014

There is still time to register for the SimSci Advanced Process Control webinar: Reducing APC implementation time up to 50% with SimSci APC

SimSci APC 2014 - Avanced Process Control Software
Reducing advanced process control 
implementation time 
up to 50% with 
SimSci APC

The SimSci Webinar Series 2014 
continues Wednesday April 23rd!

Specifically scheduled for Europe: 
8am EST - 1pm London - 2pm Paris - 2pm Italy

SimSci APC 2014 is the easiest to use APC technology on the market. Many of the new features that enhance the ease of use and flexibility of SimSci APC, making it so easy to use that it greatly reduces implementation time. 

SimSci APC greatly extends the capabilities of APC with Director, a powerful calculation language that allows the control engineer to build custom calculations to augment controller functions or add custom supporting functions such as model switching based on a detected change in the operating point of the process.  

Please join us to see the future of advanced process control.
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