Friday, May 23, 2014

DYNSIM 5.2 is available, with Metals, Mining, & Minerals (M3) features!

Earlier this week I posted that DYNSIM 5.2 was released and available for download. I failed to mention the Metals, Mining, & Minerals (M3) features. So here is some information on those new features:

Here is a list of the models available for M3 in DYNSIM 5.2:
üMill M3 
üScreen M3
üRoaster NodeM3
üCyclone SeparatorM3
üParticle Size Distribution Sub Totals & Plot
üSolids MixerM3 
üSolids SplitterM3
üStream Send/ReceiveM3
üSolids SeparatorM3

Additionally - there have been particle size distribution (PSD) enhancements specifically for M3.

DYNSIM 5.2 – is now available on the

What is it?
DYNSIM provides rigorous process simulation platform from simulation and training offerings from SimSci. DYNSIM is a rigorous, first-principle dynamic simulator that predicts the time dependent behavior of industrial processes.  A well designed DYNSIM model accurately depicts the same hydraulic, heat transfer and other equipment constraints as the actual plant.
Why is this important?
DYNSIM provides a single scalable application that helps:
  • Lower Capital Costs & Improve Plant Design-- getting it right the first time
  • Checkout control system design for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCSs) for shorter commissioning time and increased availability
  • Train and certify control room and field operators in a safe environment
Simply stated, DYNSIM enables clients to rise above the dynamic challenges of designing, commissioning, controlling and operating a process plant safely, reliably and profitably

DYNSIM 5.2 has many new features developed around the following major themes:
·        Increased Engineering Productivity
·        Robustness Enhancements
·        Ergonomics / Improved Ease of Use
·        Productization of Metals, Mining and Minerals model library
·        Customer Support and Requests