Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A New and Incredible Interface for SimSci APC

Guest blogger: Paul Campo, Product Marketing Intern

SimSci APC 2014 has an amazing display that not only simplifies the process setup experience but maximizes screen “real-estate”.  The brand new customizable features enable maximum utilization of the screen space without sacrificing key functions or controls for process modeling and simulation.  Our product line serves a wide variety of customers because it is built on many models and will reduce your implementation time.  Mitigate the process setup experience for your operators today and choose the newly released SimSci APC!

About SimSci APC: SimSci APC 2014 has been built from the ground up to emphasize ease-of-use with a modern graphical user interface combined with a rigorous and robust calculation engine. The new SimSci APC is structured around a natural workflow that has been enhanced in almost every way possible, including full support for Model Case file development and a connection wizard for faster integration to any DCS or PLC including Foxboro Evo or I/A Series DCS.

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