Thursday, June 26, 2014

Combustion Optimization System Works to Reduce Coal Plant Losses

Guest Blogger: Paul Campo, Product Marketing Intern
Insufficient monitoring is one of the reasons that fossil fuel plants do not operate at their maximum potential.  Our Combustion Optimization System (COS) will improve heat rate and reduce NOx emissions while increasing boiler operating flexibility and stability throughout the controllable load range.  In addition, it incorporates necessary critical parameters such as opacity, carbon monoxide, etc., to bound the system properly.

APC is a software toolkit for advanced process control with:
  • Multivariable control
  • Linear Optimizer
  • Neural Network
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Simulation
  • Model Development

NOx and Heat Rate Optimization can be achieved by improving:
  • Excess O2, Stack Losses
  • FD/ID Fan Loadings
  • Reheat/Superheat Sprays
  • Smart Soot Blowing
  • CIA (LOI)
Regardless of whether the optimization objective is to improve load response, heat rate, NOx MW production, LOI, and/or soot blowing, Schneider Electric can solve the problem with a single software license. Our solution improves key performance variables and decreases operator intervention.

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