Friday, June 6, 2014

Conditional Formatting in PRO/II

This feature was introduced in PRO/II version 9.0
Highlight all of the streams that meet a specified critieria. For example,
  • Display all the streams with T > 200F
  • And then display all streams with P < 100 psia

Step 1: Go to Tools > Rules Manager

Step 2: Create Rule Sets (left side of the window) by clicking on the New button.

Step 2a: Define the condition by clicking on the New button (right side of the window) followed by clicking on the space below “Condition”. Color of the stream can be formatted by clicking on the space below Format.
Step 3: Go to Tools > Active Rule Set > (Choose your Rule Set)
Step 4: Go to Tools > Update Stream Formatting
Upon completion of the previous steps, the PFD would look something like the figure below: