Thursday, June 26, 2014

Operator Training

Refineries are being forced to rely on inexperienced operators due to the aging workforce.  Undertrained employees reduce performance and profitability in a refinery and may also risk the safety of other employees. The aging workforce is moving closer to the age of retirement, making it imperative to train younger, less experienced employees. Schneider Electric offers solutions that aid refineries in educating inexperienced operators, who will soon be relied upon to operate the refinery.

Simulation & Training offering under the SimSci by Schneider Electric brand helps give operators the skills they need to run a refinery. Operators learn the ins and outs of a refinery in this virtual control room. DYNSIM is a model that controls the plant response. Trainees learn how to react appropriately when a similar situation occurs in the actual plant. The immersive training system from SimSci, EYESIM, is a technology breakthrough in training. The EYESIM solution connects all refinery operators by a high-fidelity process simulation and virtual walkthrough plant environment. The virtual plant feature will significantly improve maintenance activities by offering direct feedback once a trainee completes an action. This will provide the knowledge necessary to act appropriately in any given situation.

To find out more information, visit our website, where you can also view the OTS datasheet.