Friday, June 27, 2014

Power News on Improving Ramp Rates

Guest Blogger: Paul Campo, Product Marketing Intern

It’s summer time here in the United States! Which means that it is the season of peak demand for electricity. It is essential during this time of the year that power generating plants avoid unexpected shutdowns at critical hours of the day. SimSci APC software is here to help.

Our advanced process control technology is designed to combat:
  • High temperature peaks caused by load ramping
  • Low temperature sags at end of ramp up or during ramp down
  • Thermal imbalances (side to side in twin furnaces)
  • Complex multivariable control problems
  • Significant time delays in process
  • Extended unit ramp rate
  • Reductions in excessive thermal stress on boiler & steam turbine
  • Increased steam turbine cycle efficiency and unit heat rate 

We offer solutions that are more tightly coupled with the existing controls and operator interface to ensure the widest usability and operator acceptance.

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