Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pulp & Paper Mills Annually Earn up to $2mil More with Advanced Process Control (APC) Software by Schneider Electric

Guest blogger: Paul Campo, Product Marketing Intern

Whether it is your Recovery Boiler, Evaporators, Recausticizing Equipment, or Lime Kiln, optimize the pulp and paper recovery cycle with SimSci APC.  The Multivariable Predictive Controller manipulates fuel flow, induced draft (ID) fan speed and other parameters to hold key control variables within operator set constraints. With the ability of switching multiple models depending on process gains, the Invensys solution is capable of adapting and switching these models automatically online in a seamless fashion.

For the often neglected recovery areas, we offer flexible control design, outstanding ROI, DCS independence, pre-configured solutions and fast installation/commissioning. 

Measurable improvements in pulping, recovery and paper making include up to 50 percent reduction in kappa variability, increased delignification efficiency and pulp viscosity, decreased caustic usage and proven automated rate and grade/species changes.

Typical benefits range from $400K to $2 Million per year from our software performance.  With over 900 different Pulp and Paper applications worldwide and decades of experience, SimSci offers the most advantageous industrial solutions to increasing profitability.

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