Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Announcing the release of ROMeo 6.2

ROMeo 6.2 – is now available on the Electronic Software Distribution site
What is it?
ROMeo is an advanced, unified modeling environment delivering on-line and offline optimization plus advanced monitoring applications to help users obtain peak performance from their operating units. ROMeo is a standalone product consisting of several modules that can be licensed separately or together including:

• ROMeo Material Balance Module
• ROMeo Performance Monitoring
• ROMeo Process Optimization
• ROMeo Utilities Optimization
• ROMeo Refinery Modeling

Why is this important?
ROMeo’s online rigorous modeling provides the ability to view what is happening at the plant now and make appropriate and timely business decisions. This is critical for optimal operation and allows customers to remain competitive in changing economic times.

What is new? ROMeo 6.2 includes enhancements to the existing Information Stream functionality, defect fixes and integration to a 3rd party refinery reactor model. The primary new feature is integration with the FCCsim reactor model from KBC. Note that since FCCsim is product 3rd party product by a competitor (KBC), we will limit the promotion of this feature to competitive situations where the feature is required to win the pursuit.