Friday, July 25, 2014

Announcing the release of SimSci Suite 2014

SimSci Suite 2014 – is now available on the Electronic Software Distribution site

What is it?

SimSci Suite 2014 contains all of SimSci’s most recent versions of its process design, operator training, and optimization software. Understanding processes with SimSci simulation software is the first step to designing, operating and optimizing a company's processes and thereby improving performance and profitability.

Why is this important?

A single suite with all SimSci software makes it easier for customers to:
  • Do business with SimSci 
  • Deploy and maintain software versions 
  • Ensure all SimSci software are compatible with each other 
SimSci Suite 2014 delivers software for the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, solids processing, polymer and power industries; the most comprehensive solution suite available today.

What is new?

SimSci Suite 2014 contains new versions of the following software:

Design Software
  • PRO/II 9.3
  • INPLANT 4.4 
  • PIPEPHASE 9.7 
  • SIM4ME Portal 2.3 
Simulation & Training Software
  • DYNSIM 5.2
  • Foxboro Evo Simulation 5.0
Optimization Software 
  • ROMeo Material Balance Module 6.2 
  • ROMeo Performance Monitoring 6.2 
  • ROMeo Process Optimization 6.2 
  • ROMeo Utilities Optimization 6.2 
  • ROMeo Refinery Modeling 6.2 
  • Connoisseur 15.5 
  • SimSci APC 2014