Monday, July 7, 2014

Dynamic Simulation

The need to keep a competitive position in the global market has forced engineering and operating companies to improve the process design of grassroot and existing plants to reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX), increase safety, and improve availability and profitability.
Dynamic simulation provides a very accurate and quantitative understanding of highly complex and highly integrated plants in order to analyze their operability and to predict the dynamic behavior of the real system before the capital is committed to a project.
With an expertise in process modeling, industry experience and the use of state-of-the-art technology, the SimSci Engineering Services Team delivers operating and design recommendations as well as a complete DYNSIM® based simulation model for application areas such as:
  • Relief System upgrade analysis
  • Reactor De-pressuring Studies
  • Steam System Design
  • Turbo-machinery Controls Design 
  • Furnace Draft Implosion/Control Studies
  • IGCC gasification and operation studies
  • 2nd generation biofuels and Biomass gasification
  • Design and operation of chemical plants
  • LNG process design and analysis

Learn more about the SimSci Services Program based on DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation and see how SimSci by Schneider Electric can help you to increase your profitability on our website.