Friday, August 8, 2014

A brief description of ErrorSolver


ErrorSolver is innovative software that utilizes data reconciliation to resolve data inaccuracy on flow measurements and manual entry data on oil movement, with the ultimate goal of balancing a plant’s inputs with its outputs and inventory changes. It provides an advanced form of Graphical User Interface to present the plant-wide process model and resolve the errors among the flow measurements.

ErrorSolver presents a set of reconciled data for production accounting and performance monitoring purposes. It uses a rigorous mathematical approach to data reconciliation that uses all available measurement data and takes full advantage of the power of measurement redundancy. It also tracks feedstocks, products and components. ErrorSolver balances mass and/or volume using raw flow measurements and other sources of data, such as oil movement or laboratory data. ErrorSolver mathematically detects missing movements or gross errors. It automatically eliminates the problems before generating an optimal set of reconciled data.

End-users will immediately see the appeal of ErrorSolver’s thoughtful design. It is carefully architected with comprehension and insight to fit the needs of process engineers and production accountants. ErrorSolver implementations lead to reductions in physical and booked losses, discovery of inaccurate plant capacity and performance data and more. 

Error solver is part of our Yield Account Solution