Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DYNSIM Success Story at Chevron

Chevron used SimSci’s DYNSIM simulation software for its controls upgrade. Read the success story in Automation World. They report clear improvements to safety, no lost production, and improved commissioning times for the facilities. A synopsis is below:

- Safety—with DYNSIM, there was no need for field programming, and all the errors that often accompany it.
- Commissioning time—cut commissioning time in half, saving Chevron about $840K.”
- Training time—Operator training simulation cut training from months to weeks, saving about four weeks of time over the course of the project.
- Quality improvement—project experienced a 20% reduction in field commissioning time for instrument technicians and system integrators.
- Production & capacity—simulation increased production capacity by testing control strategies to debottleneck the facilities; i.e., in one plant tested new control strategies increased capacity by 20%.

Chevron is now using DYNSIM for all its projects, not just the big ones. If you’re interested in replicating Chevron’s success, please visit