Thursday, March 12, 2015

Free webinar: Leveraging ROMeo in Olefins Planning

Planning the production of olefins is extremely complex, yet very important to the profitability of the plant. Learn how a major multinational chemical company is leveraging the power of ROMeo’s modeling to improve their planning processes. The use of ROMeo in this capacity merges the worlds of rigorous plant modeling with the olefins planning processes resulting in superior and timely decisions. Traditionally production planning has relied on simple and robust linear planning models but ROMeo reflects the true non-linear nature of these processing units.

Join Sreenivas Bukka who is an optimization consultant at Schneider Electric and currently working as a principal consultant for the North America Optimization group. Sreenivas led various delivery projects ranging from operation simulators, performance monitoring solutions, online optimization applications to Non-Linear planning solutions.

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