Friday, June 5, 2015

Calgary Event: Optimizing Profitability through Operational Excellence

In the process industries, there are many challenges.  It could be the price of oil, safety, regulatory compliance, efficiency, the demographics of your workforce, utility costs or simply remaining competitive. Operational excellence is key to remaining competitive in the constantly changing global economy. 
SimSci software can help you achieve improved operational excellence to drive increased profitability.
Join us in Calgary on Wednesday, June 24th @ the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire

   1:30-2:00  Registration
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   2:00-5:00  Operational Excellence with SimSci:
                      Refinery Value Chain
§View and manage your entire value chain from feed/fuel purchases through product blending and transmission
§  Interfaces between Spiral and SimSci software allows complete crude assay data to be seamlessly transferred into SimSci modeling solutions for design, operational analysis, and optimization
§  Tie financial data to work processes as well as operating processes
Simulation & Training
§  Operator Training Simulators enhance rapid learning of complex process and control interactions
§  3D virtual reality for the ultimate and most effective training experience and certification
§  Technology and services for design verification, control validation and enhanced operational competence
§  Training Services specializes in full scope industrial training design, development and delivery supporting Simulators, Plant Operations, and Maintenance

"Reduced operational startup costs, improved operator response to problems & saved the units with OTS training."

§  Integration with Spiral software enhances accuracy and integration with ROMeo optimizes operations
§  Single platform for optimal planning, scheduling, and material loss management
§  Reduce quality giveaway, avoid reprocessing and improve accounting accuracy

 "Our implementation of Offsites has helped operations track all in-plant activities to one system."

§  Continuous LP Vector generation so that you can continuously keep your refinery optimized
§  Native reactor models that allow you to optimize your reactors within the same tool optimizing your refinery
§  Yield Accounting software to make sure that you know where all your material is at any given time

"SimSci ROMeo Online Performance Suite saves us over 1 MMUSD/Y/Unit."

Advanced Process Control
§  Brand new APC software that was engineered to be powerful yet intuitive
§  Modern, state-of-the-art technology to provide automatic control systems that are capable of releasing process potential
§  Proven history of advanced process control applications resulting in operational excellence and improved profitability

"Rreduce product quality variation, remove throughput constraints, reduce energy usage, enhance process control, stabilize process changes, and consider multiple constraints.”
  5:00 - 7:00  Complimentary Cocktails & Appetizers
To register, please email Joseph McMullen,