Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Announcing the release of PIPEPHASE 9.8

PIPEPHASE® 9.8 is now available on our Software Support site
What is it?
PIPEPHASE® is a simulator that rigorously models steady-state, multiphase flow in oil & gas networks and pipeline systems. It has the power and flexibility to model applications ranging from the sensitivity analysis of key parameters in a single well, to multi-year facilities planning studies for an entire field.

Why is this important?
·         Increase overall asset-wide production, well and flow line performance, and pipeline & facilities design
·         Integrate field development and planning
·         Reduce capital and operating costs
·         Increase engineering productivity
·         Help diagnose and resolve production problems
PIPEPHASE can be used across numerous industries and applications, including petroleum exploration
and production, natural gas transmission, utility networks, and complex downstream hydraulics.
What is new?
PIPEPHASE® version 9.8 represents numerous new features, including:
·         Upgrades to XVT – GUI toolkit, PRO/II 9.3 thermodynamics, SIM4ME Portal 2.4, Olga-S, CMG Stars, and GEM
·         User Experience improvements:
     Microsoft Excel for pipeline profile               Wellbore data input, fitting data entry, case study,
     Multiple global defaults                                        node summary, and sub-network
     Error message handling                                       Petro component data & Olga-S accessible in GUI
     UOM reporting and conversion
·         Functionality updates:
     TDM integration                                                 Bahadori T drop model for control devices
     Pipe schedule database                                  Additional devices for STEAM fluid model
     NACE corrosion risk                                             Kartoatmodjo heavy oil correlation for blackoil
     Flow regime map                                               Specify different inversion points for PVT sets
     Select PVT set at junction