Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Announcing the release of SimSci's first online training modules

Announcing the release of SimSci’s first online training modules:
·         The Getting Started with PRO/II series of Online Training videos are designed for the first time software user.
    • Part 1 covers the Basics of using SimSci PRO/II software.
    • Part 2 introduces the Most Commonly Used Features and discusses Global Simulation Defaults.
    • Part 3 reviews the various ways data can be reported and displayed in PRO/II.
·         Getting Started with PRO/II 9.3 – Part 1: Register here.
o   This tutorial provides a general introduction to SimSci, PRO/II, and simulation using PRO/II. In this tutorial, you will build a simulation using 7 steps
·         Getting Started with PRO/II 9.3 – Part 2: Register here.
o   This tutorial reviews some of PRO/II’s most commonly used features and includes hands on exercises.  Global Simulation Defaults are also discussed.
·         Getting Started with PRO/II 9.3 – Part 3: Coming in 2016

Upcoming US Classroom training: Register here.  
·         Introduction to ROMeo
Dec. 7-10
·         Introduction to Material Balance Module
Dec. 11

Registration is also open for all 2016 training classes.  Register here.