Monday, April 4, 2016

Update to SimSci Licensing Options

Dear SimSci Software User,

This post provides an update on the licensing and security options from Flexera Software, who produces the security software that SimSci software products use for LAN, WAN, and Token Licensing. While Flexera Software FLExNetPublisher (FNP) 11.8 is currently widely used among SimSci customers, it has reached the end of limited lifecycle support. In an effort to support our customers, SimSci now supports the latest version of FlexNetPublisher, 11.13.

The SimSci team is implementing the following plan:
  • Existing FNP 11.8 security licenses will be upgraded the next time they are renewed to FNP 11.13 or the most recent version. However, we do recommend that you upgrade at your earliest opportunity to avoid any potential problems.
  • Older FLEXlm licenses will continue to work, however, if they stop working before the renewal period, they must be upgraded to FLEXlm 11.13 or latest.
  • Future installations of SimSci software will allow FNP 11.13, FNP 11.12, FNP 11.11 and respective TOKEN versions, and USB security options.
  • You can download the most recent server software installation and retrofit package to upgrade all your SimSci software from the Global Cutomer Support (GCS) site.
  • Customers migrating to Windows 10 must upgrade to FNP 11.13 immediately as previous versions of the server do not install in Windows 10.
We appreciate your patience through the migration and will do our best to minimize the impact on your use of our products. Please contact technical support if there are any problems.


The SimSci Team