Sunday, February 26, 2017

Announcing the release of ROMeo 6.5

ROMeo™ 6.5 – is now available on the
What is it?
ROMeo is an advanced, unified modeling environment delivering on-line and offline optimization plus advanced monitoring applications to help users obtain peak performance from their operating units. This industry-leading technology generates precise operating information that improves performance, allowing for increased profitability. The provided real-time data is based on current economic and process conditions, giving operators the ability to make informed decisions at an expedited rate.
Why is this important?
ROMeo provides:
·     Increased plant profitability in real-time based on current economic and process conditions via accurate process optimization
·     Easy to use and maintainable solution with lowest total cost of ownership
·     Time and labor savings
What is new?
ROMeo 6.5 offers:
·     Support for TCL version 8.6.6, Office 365, and Spiral Assay 5.0
·     Unit updates to HXTrack heat exchanger tool, equipment performance charting, information stream, new KBC reactor interfaces, and the utility palette
·     New iMonitor macros and GEDE enhancements
·     Convergence assistant enhancements and new bound relax tolerance